Discussing Wedding Flower Trends for 2024

As we move forward in 2024, wedding flower trends continue to change and evolve. Couples are increasingly looking for floral arrangements that not only enhance the beauty of their special day but also reflect their personal taste. This year, we’re seeing some exciting trends that blend traditional aesthetics with unique touches. 

For couples planning their wedding, using a wedding supplier to find an experienced florist can make navigating these trends easier. You can ensure the floral arrangements at your wedding are both stunning and seamlessly integrated into the venue. In this post, we take a look at the current floral trends for weddings and how a florist can help you achieve your dream decor.

Sustainability First

One of the most significant trends in 2024 is the emphasis on sustainability. Couples are choosing local and seasonal flowers more than ever to reduce their wedding’s carbon footprint. This shift supports local growers and reduces transportation emissions, and also ensures the flowers are as fresh and vibrant as possible. Wedding florists who prioritise sustainability will source flowers locally and craft breathtaking arrangements with a smaller ecological impact.

Bold Colours Make a Comeback

While pastel shades have been a popular choice for weddings for many years, bold and vibrant colours are making a strong comeback in 2024. Colours like deep burgundies, vivid corals, and bright yellows stand out and make a statement. These colours reflect a move towards more dynamic and expressive wedding themes. Florists are often skilled in working with a broad palette of colours and can guide you in achieving the perfect look for your wedding.

Dried and Preserved Flowers

Dried and preserved flowers are becoming a staple in wedding floristry. They offer a delicate and timeless look while being a more sustainable option than fresh alternatives. These arrangements also provide a souvenir from your special day, you can display them in your home for years to come and continue to enjoy them. Finding florists who specialise in dried floral artistry is beneficial to ensure your wedding decor is both beautiful and durable.

Floral Installations

Wedding flowers are no longer confined to centrepieces and bouquets. Floral installations are becoming focal points at wedding venues. Canopies of intertwined arrangements, elaborate floral arches, and even flower walls are used to create visuals that transform wedding spaces. Modern florists are not only designers but also artists, capable of turning your floral dreams into reality and bringing the most extravagant designs to life.

Return to Romance

Romantic floral designs featuring soft textures and shapes are becoming popular again. Arrangements with peonies, ranunculus, and cascading greenery that create a sense of romantic whimsy are highly sought after by couples looking for a fairy-tale aesthetic. With the help of an experienced wedding florist, you can ensure you achieve a romantic look with a modern twist that will catch the eye of your guests. 

Benefits of Using an Experienced Florist

Turning to an experienced florist who specialises in weddings to create the perfect flowers for your big day offers many advantages;


  • Expert Guidance on Flower Selection – A florist’s knowledge is invaluable when it comes to selecting flowers that complement the style of your wedding. They can suggest the best fit based on the season, your colour scheme, and your personal tastes, ensuring the flowers are not only beautiful but also appropriate for the occasion.


  • Stress Reduction – Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and flowers are a major part of the decor. A professional florist takes the burden of choosing, purchasing, and arranging flowers off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your wedding​ day. 


  • Access to High-Quality and Diverse Floral Options – Florists have access to a wide range of flowers, including rare and exotic varieties that might not be available at local markets or stores. They also have the expertise to handle and preserve these flowers, ensuring they look their best on your wedding day​.


  • Time-Saving – Organising your wedding flowers yourself involves more than just selecting the flowers. It includes coordinating deliveries, setting up arrangements at the venue, and sometimes moving arrangements between the ceremony and reception sites. A florist handles all of these logistics, saving you time and hassle​.

Searching for Irish Wedding Suppliers?

In conclusion, 2024’s wedding flower trends offer exciting possibilities for personalisation and expression through blooms. Using Irish wedding supplier websites to find the perfect florist not only helps in integrating these trends into your special day but also enhances the overall planning experience, ensuring every floral detail is perfect. For those planning a wedding, the right florist is key to bringing your wedding vision to life.


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