How to Plan a Small Intimate Wedding: Helpful Tips and Ideas 

Not all couples have big and extravagant weddings, more and more couples are now opting to have smaller, more intimate weddings. Small weddings provide you and your guests with a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, and they bring you and those close to you together perfectly for your big day. However, just because you’re having a smaller wedding, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your celebration or cut down on those special things that you’ve always wanted to have on your wedding day. 

Our team at Leinster Wedding Suppliers have put together this post to share with you some helpful tips and ideas for how to plan a small, intimate wedding. Leinster Wedding Suppliers is an Irish boutique collective of the best wedding professionals, helping you find all of the perfect suppliers to create the wedding day you’ve always dreamed of. 

To learn more, read on and for further information on our small wedding suppliers – head over to our website today. 

Choose the Perfect Intimate Venue for your Small Wedding

Intimate wedding venue with wooden pews and golden sunlight coming through the windows

When planning a small wedding, one of the first things to consider is your venue. You want to find a space that is the right size for your chosen number of guests, to help create the right type of atmosphere. You don’t want your venue to feel empty, so seek out a small and cosy environment that you can fill with decor and accessories rather than a big and spacious venue.

Think outside the box when choosing your wedding venue too. You can choose between a hotel, teepee, restaurant, barn and many other types of venues to find the ideal small venue for you and your partner. 

Narrow Down your Guest List to your Closest Loved Ones 

When planning a small wedding, you need to be selective with your guest list so that you have the perfect number of people attending your big day. This may seem obvious, but it can be challenging in practice when it actually comes to whittling your guest list down.

You want every single person at your wedding to be special to you and your partner, so think about who you couldn’t imagine getting married without. There is no pressure to invite certain people to your wedding and you can keep plus ones to a minimum as well. Once you’ve carefully selected your guests, you can then send out beautifully designed invitations to get your family and friends excited about your special day.

Make it Feel Cosy and Romantic with your Decor

To make your small wedding feel more cosy and romantic, carefully consider the styling and decor for your venue. You don’t want your wedding venue to feel cold and unwelcoming, so you should add some personal touches to the decoration to ensure the space perfectly reflects you as a couple and your individual taste.

Think fairy lights, candles, flowers, foliage and wedding signs. All of these accessories and finishing touches to your decor can make your small venue look truly beautiful, and your guests will be stunned at how perfect your venue is.


Hire a Live Band for your Wedding Music 

If you don’t have lots of guests or a huge dance floor, you might not want a DJ and you could hire a live band for your wedding instead. A live band is a great way to make your small wedding feel even more special, and you and your guests can enjoy an intimate performance by your band of choice. 

Live bands still sound amazing in smaller venues and they’re guaranteed to get people up and dancing during your evening reception. The band that you choose will help to ensure that people have lots of fun at your wedding and they will give your guests a musical experience that won’t be forgotten any time soon. 

Add Lots of Personal Touches

In addition to adding some personal touches to your decor, you should think about some of the other ways you can make your wedding day more personal. Personal touches can go a long way with a small wedding and you can use things like stationery to make your guests feel even more special and lucky to have been invited to your big day. 

Some popular personal touches that you could include are; table place cards, thank-you notes for your guests, carefully curated menus and personalised favours. All of these little touches will make your guest feel special and included, and they can add another level of intimacy to your small wedding.

Plan the Perfect Small, Intimate Wedding with Leinster Wedding Suppliers 

We hope that this post has given you some useful ideas on how to create the perfect intimate wedding day. If you’re currently in the process of planning your small wedding in Dublin and you’re looking for reliable suppliers – why not take a look at our website. 

Here at Leinster Wedding Suppliers, we bring couples the best of the best when it comes to their weddings, with our collective of the very best wedding suppliers in Ireland. From your wedding gifts & favours to your celebrant, caterer, and bridal hair & makeup – we’re here to make it easy for you to get your special day in order. 

Each wedding supplier that we work with has been carefully selected and has a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise in the wedding industry – so you can trust them to help you plan the perfect wedding for you and your partner in Dublin. The majority of our professionals operate nationwide and will travel/deliver to all 32 counties of Ireland to help bring your dream wedding to life.

Venues, Styling, Stationary, Bands, Photography & Much More 

We provide couples with the contacts they need to plan the wedding that they have always wanted, whether you are looking for the perfect venue, florist or photographer. We even cover all of the little details that bring your wedding together and make it perfect.

You can search through our catalogue of suppliers today to find exactly what you’re looking for to create the most magical small wedding, and you can send enquiries to suppliers without needing to leave our website. With our help, planning the perfect small wedding in Dublin will be stress-free and hassle-free. 


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